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5 Tabata Workouts for Beginners

What’s your favorite type of fitness workout? Are you all about the cardio exercises? Do you prefer to lift weights? Or is it spin classes that you just can’t get enough of? There are many types of exercises from calisthenics vs weights to high intensity vs low intensity workouts that keep our bodies active in our own way. 

While everyone has their favorite workout routine, switching it up every so often can be a great way to challenge some of your other muscles and maximize the benefits your body receives from a workout. One type of workout you should try adding to your routine is Tabata . 

Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval training, but it only lasts four minutes. This short HIIT workout spikes your heart rate and burns a high amount of calories. While that may sound easy, you might be surprised by just how challenging and effective it can be. To learn more, check out the basics of Tabata  and our five Tabata  workouts for beginners below. 

Tabata for Beginners: The Basics

High-intensity interval training is an effective way to burn a significant amount of calories in a short amount of time. This, in turn, can help you lose fat and gain muscle faster. 

If a HIIT workout interests you, then you should consider trying a Tabata style workout. Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval training that was created by a Japanese professor in the 90s. Although it was originally intended for training speed skaters, it’s now an incredible workout that anyone can apply to an array of moves. 

The format for this 4 minute training is  relatively simple to remember. To turn your workout into a Tabata  workout, follow these steps:

Work for 20 seconds
Rest for 10 seconds

Traditionally, Tabata  workouts consisted of about eight rounds of just a single exercise, but you can get creative and adapt it to include different exercise moves. For example, some classic Tabata training moves can include:

Kettlebell swings 

Tabata intervals and training can definitely be challenging to workout to. But, Once you’re ready to get started, try out some of our five Tabata  exercises for beginners below.

Always remember to warm up before any exercise. The benefits of warming up before a workout are essential to prevent injury, get your body ready for working out, and more. 

Tabata Workout #1: The Lateral Squat

The lateral squat is one of the best Tabata workouts for beginners because it offers a low-impact move that will still shred your lower body.

Begin by standing with your arms by your sides and your feet together.
Laterally step your right leg out to the side, then lower your body into a squat position.
Push off of your right leg to return to your original standing position, then repeat this process on the left side.
Continue to repeat this pattern, alternating your legs for 20 seconds.
 Rest for 10 seconds.
Repeat until you’ve hit a total of four minutes.

Tabata Workout #2: The Lateral Jump Squat

This Tabata exercise  is similar to the lateral squat, but it incorporates a jump for added explosive movement. 

Begin by standing upright with your arms at your sides and your feet hip-width apart.
Swing your arms and slightly bend your knees, jumping to the right and immediately lowering your body into a squat position.
Without resetting to a standing position, immediately push up from your squat and laterally jump to the left, lowering your body into a squat again.
Continue to jump squat from right to left for 20 seconds.
Rest for 10 seconds.
Repeat until you’ve reached a total of four minutes.  

Tabata Workout #3: The Push-Up

It’s an oldie, but a goodie—the push-up. To incorporate this upper body burner into your Tabata  routine, follow these steps: 

Start in the push-up position with your feet together. (If you want to make it a little easier, you can start in the push-up position with your knees on the ground.)
Lower your chest to just above the ground, then push yourself back up into your starting position.
Continue this process for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.
Repeat until you’ve reached a total of four minutes. 

Tabata Workout #4: The Burpee

The burpee works both your upper and lower body while challenging your cardio endurance with explosive jumping movements. 

Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart.
Bend your knees and hips and drop to the ground, placing your hands on the floor under your shoulders.
Once your hands are on the floor, jump your feet back so you’re in the push-up position. (For an added challenge, insert a push-up here). 
Retract your feet back up to your hands by jumping, then jump up into the air, reaching your arms above your head.
Continue this for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.
Repeat for a total of four minutes. 

Tabata Workout #5: The Star Jack

Take your jumping jack to the next level with a Tabata  favorite—the star jack. 

Start with your arms at your sides and your feet together.
Drop into a half squat (until your fingertips reach around your shin bone). Then, jump up into the air.
As you jump, lift your hands over your head and spread your legs outward to create the shape of an X.
When you land, return your arms to your sides and your feet together, and lower yourself into the starting squat position.
Repeat for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. 
Do this for a total of four minutes. 

All of these Tabata training exercises are great for any fitness level, but special for a beginner. Tabata workouts are also the perfect fun group workout ideas to challenge everyone and get to exercising together. 

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