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Dear Men! This Is How You Can Help Your Partner Overcome Post Partum Depression

Contributed by: Anjali Sharma


Does your partner seem extra emotional after having a baby? Don’t worry they are certainly not the only ones to feel that way in the world. 

However, one out of every seven women suffers from postpartum depression. And even more, suffer from postpartum anxiety.

It’s essential to know that postpartum depression and anxiety aren’t just for women they can be seen in men too. One in ten new fathers suffers from depression after having a child.

Also, if the mother has postpartum depression, there is a 40% chance that the partner will also have depression.

You don’t have to feel pathetic and awful about it that you are not able to do anything.

Today, we’ll share some tips on how you can help to make the situation better and relieving for you and your partner.

Here are some ways which can make the postpartum journey for both of you, depression-free: 

Be emotionally available for her

Being emotionally available is far more important than being physically present for a new mom.

If you are working and your partner is on maternal leave, then you can try taking charge of responsibilities in the house.

Try to communicate with her when she needs you, and make her feel proud about herself and that she is a wonderful mother.

You should encourage her to share how she feels and thinks after having a child. 

Make her realize that having postpartum depression and anxiety does not make her weak and that it’s not wrong to feel this way and that you are there for her whenever she needs you.

Be her helping hand

Take charge of the majority of the family chores for now. If you can hire a house help that can take care of the food, cleaning and other chores, then you and the mother can become full-time parents and enjoy this journey.

Make sure the mother gets proper mental space as you both may expect some guests to meet the newborn but you make sure that they don’t overstay. 

Some gestures that can go a long way in keeping your better half comforted during this period include, bringing her favourite snacks and a drink at the same time as she breastfeeds, and giving her massages that will relax her mind and body.

Encourage her to speak to her doctor

The best way to help a person with postpartum depression or anxiety is to get a doctor’s consultation and therapy.

Therefore, the sooner your partner sees a doctor, the sooner both of you can start the recovery process. 

The doctor understands the exact issue behind the postpartum depression a mother faces.

He/she can suggest various mental and physical exercises that will guide both of you to cope with it.

Analyse her post-partum depression symptoms

A woman becomes more emotional and sensitive after her pregnancy and this may lead to various depression symptoms.

Hence, being an equal parent you should be alert to her symptoms and work them on with her. 

Here are some severe post-partum depression symptoms that need the doctor’s assistance:

Feeling guilty, hopeless and/or being overwhelmed
Irritability or anger
Frequent crying and sadness
Poor sleep cycle and low appetite 
Racing thoughts and/or inability to relax
Low self-confidence 
Suicidal tendencies 

If your partner is experiencing any of these mentioned issues then it’s high time you take her depression seriously and react to it in a helpful manner and seek some medical help urgently.

Final thoughts

Healing through post-partum depression is possible with the help and support of a supportive companion.

The key is to identify the depression and anxiety in your partner and take steps accordingly to make her rise through this darkness. 

There may be times that you being a father go through the same depressive symptoms but you just need to hang in there to make this journey happier and peaceful for both of you,

Always be confident with each step you take in parenting.

Also, it’s a good idea to get frequent full-body health checkups to keep an eye on your overall health as you navigate these troubled times.

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