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Diabetes Diet: The 5 Diabetic-Friendly Breakfast Recipes Under 15 Mins

Contributed by: Rachana  Arya


The most crucial meal of the day is breakfast. However, this is especially true for diabetics to get you through the first part of the day, help you break your overnight fast, and keep your blood sugar level.

If you have diabetes, you should never skip breakfast since it might cause an increase in your blood sugar levels.

Researchers have conducted many studies about people with diabetes and have concluded that it is important to consume a healthy breakfast to keep blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day.

Breakfast ideas for people with diabetes

Don’t let diabetes slow you down. Get your day off to a great start to keep your sugar levels in control.

For a morning bite that fits seamlessly into a diabetes-friendly eating pattern, follow the below diet that is quick to make and can be easily incorporated into your daily diet. 

Hard-boiled eggs

Researchers believe that a hard-boiled egg is an excellent high-protein snack for people with diabetes.

That’s primarily because the protein in one large egg will help keep you full, so it’s thought that they aren’t going to raise your blood sugar.

Protein not only slows digestion but also helps to blunt the release of glucose into your bloodstream. This is very helpful if you have diabetes.

Daily diabetes tip:

Poached? Pan-fried? Hard-boiled? Scrambled? Regardless of how you prepare your eggs, aim to consume up to three of these varied wonders every week to reap the protein advantage.

Also, make sure to use only a tablespoon of oil or cook it in a non-stick pan to reduce oil usage.

Consumption limit:

1 hard-boiled egg per day


This breakfast dish is not only one of the most popular worldwide; it is also an easy-to-prepare source of numerous nutrients. 

Because of its low glycemic index, this mushy mix, made with urad dal, semolina, curd, and vegetables, is a treasure trove of dietary fibre that could help with diabetes management.

Also, the magnesium in the upma helps to keep blood sugar levels balanced. Another benefit of upma for diabetics is that it enhances their body’s immunity. All these qualities combined together can lead to a diabetic-safe option.

Daily diabetes tip:

Stick to a maximum 1/2 cup quantity of sooji only, as over-addition can lead to severe blood sugar levels and other complications.

You can add chopped or sliced raw tomatoes along with capsicum, carrots, beans, greens, etc. to make your meal more healthy. 

Consumption limit:

1 bowl upma with assorted veggies

Kala chana or Black chickpea

Kala chana is not only a delightful treat for your taste buds, but it is also excellent diabetic food.

Black chickpeas have 13 gms of nutritional fibre per serving. Its high fibre content helps to control blood sugar levels.

It contains soluble and insoluble fibre. So, all you need is a cup of black chickpeas to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Daily diabetes tip:

A Kala chana chat is the healthiest option. Soak the chana overnight, place it in the pressure cooker and boil.

To this, add some boiled potatoes, chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber, and green chillies. and masalas amp up its taste!

You can even add a tart flavour by squeezing a lemon. You may also garnish it with fresh coriander leaves.

Consumption limit:

Half bowl Kala chana with assorted veggies

Aloe Vera 

Several studies from around the world suggest that taking aloe vera could potentially help with blood glucose management in people with diabetes.

Aloe vera contains compounds like lectins, mannans and anthraquinones, that safeguard and repair the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

Daily diabetes tip:

One of the best ways to start the day is with aloe vera tea. All you have to do is scrape some gel from a medium-sized aloe vera leaf and stir it into a hot cup of green tea.

Another popular way of consuming aloe vera is by making aloe vera juice. All you need to do is, mix some aloe vera gel in a glass of water, along with salt, roasted jeera and mint leaves.

Include aloe vera in your regular diet to reap the most benefits. But keep in mind that moderation is the key!

Consumption limit:

1 cup of aloe vera juice/tea per day

Ragi Dosa

This Indian grain is rich in many nutrients and health benefits. As this millet has a low glycemic index, is a preferred food for diabetic patients.

Consuming ragi helps maintain the ideal sugar levels in the blood by slowing down the release of sugar into the metabolism.

Additionally, ragi has a high fibre content, which takes very little time to digest and helps to manage blood sugar levels. 

Daily diabetes tip:

A crispy ragi veg dosa paired with some chutney to make it flavourful is a very healthy breakfast option for diabetic people.

It takes just minutes to assemble this healthy breakfast that prevents post-meal blood sugar spikes.

Consumption limit

1 dosa with sambhar or coconut chutney

Final thoughts

A healthy breakfast can make a big difference in keeping your blood sugar levels at par & having a perfect start to your mornings.

Make sure to consult with your doctor and a nutritionist before making any dietary changes.

Your doctor may give you additional advice to ensure that you do not cause a surge in your blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, you should also frequently opt for diabetes screening. This health check can provide you with a comprehensive insight into the state of your condition and overall health, allowing you to take necessary precautions to stay at the top of your health.

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