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Here’s What To Add & Minus From Your Diet This Summer To Bear The Heatwave

Contributed by: Anjali Sharma



According to the meteorological department of India, this summer is going to be more intense and scorching than the previous year’s.

With a relentless heatwave bearing down on us, the danger of facing deleterious consequences of heatwaves like heatstrokes, exhaustion, headaches, etc. has only exacerbated.

Aside from limiting sun exposure, wearing protective accessories and clothing, and keeping the house cool, you must also incorporate specific dietary and nutritional recommendations, we are about to share with you today to remain fit and healthy.

Here’s a list of dietary tips to help you combat the sweltering heatwave and keep you healthy along the way. 


Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking an adequate amount of water is anyway a phenomenal habit which should be followed consistently. Especially during summers, when maintaining the hydration levels in the body is crucial to keep you going.

Water keeps joints lubricated, prevents infections, supplies nutrients to the cells, and keeps organs operating correctly.

Sleep quality, cognitive abilities, and even being in a good mood are all improved by being hydrated.

Keep a track of your water intake and make sure you have ample water this summer, especially during the day.

You may become dehydrated if you do not drink enough water, which can lead to a lack of sufficient fluids to help your body function correctly.


Eat seasonal fruits

Summer fruits fill you with energy and provide nutrients that your body needs. They also help cool you down and stay hydrated, and can even help protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

The weather warms up, the days lengthen, and activities abound, in which case fruits are your best to be rejuvenated and to stay active throughout the day.

All season long, summer foods help you beat the heat naturally. Watermelon is one such fruit that is the best to have this summer.

You can also eat fruits like mangoes, grapes, berries and many others. Eating fruits during summer prevents heat stroke, boosts your immune system, and maintains heart health while also lowering blood pressure.


Avoid caffeine

Who doesn’t like a hot cup of coffee to kickstart their day? But, coffee during summer, especially with an ongoing heatwave is a really bad idea, as the caffeine in the coffee keeps you dehydrated.

Caffeine can raise blood pressure, body temperature, skin and extremity blood flow, blood sugar levels, stomach acid secretion, and urine output (it acts as a diuretic).

Hence, it’s best to avoid coffee during summer. Instead opt for soothing smoothies, juices, etc.


Drink fresh juices

Taking fresh juice is also one of the coolest ways to keep you hydrated during summer.

Freshly squeezed juices supply critical nutrients while also aiding in body detoxification.

To retain the important nutrients of the fruits and vegetables, make sure you drink a cold squeezed juice.

Adding juice to your diet is a great idea to naturally lower body heat.

Besides juices, you can also consume heat-defeating vegetables and fruits like watermelon, cucumber, honeydew lemon, radish, and mint.

It is, nonetheless, critical to remain hydrated.


Add cooling spices to your diet

Spices are an important culinary component that can help you combat the summer heat.

They are natural coolants that can aid in the reduction of body heat.

Spices such as fennel seeds, cumin seeds, dry mango powder, fenugreek seeds, and turmeric are a few of the most important spices to be included in the summer diet.

Because they are readily available, you may incorporate them into your diet by soaking them in water and drinking the resulting water. These spices aid with digestion as well as cooling your body.


Curd (Dahi)

During summers, the curd or dahi is the lightest and most efficient food available to counter the effects of the heatwave.

It can keep you hydrated while also boosting your energy levels. Your body will feel more balanced and energised if you add a little salt or sugar to this summer food.

Dahi is also a fantastic stress reliever and anxiety reducer. Its probiotic properties boost immunity and aid your body in fighting everything from viral fevers to typical colds and illnesses. Dahi can help with everything from indigestion to bloating in the belly.


Final thoughts

These foods should help to cruise through the summer heat and loss of fluids and essential nutrients.

If you experience symptoms of heat exhaustion that do not improve after trying some of the above-mentioned foods, see your doctor.

Furthermore, you should also opt for regular health checks. These provide you with a comprehensive insight into your health, allowing you to take the necessary precautions to keep your health in check.


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