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How Corporate Culture is Messing Your Health & The Ways To Beat It

Contributed by: Anjali Sharma


Ever thought about what motivates you to work for such long hours in a cubicle of 6”x6”?

For some people, it could be money and, for some, it’s only about following the crowd.

The corporate culture has become a trap over the years, with most employees working under tight deadlines and under never-racking pressure.

Not sure about meeting the deadlines, but people definitely meet with the adverse health effects at a young age because of the throat-cutting competition to prove and perform. 

On average, a person spends more than 6 hours every day in front of a screen, which is seriously disturbing for your health.

Working late nights, skipping meals, sitting for lengthy hours, bad seating posture, and being socially disconnected are some of the risk factors of a bad corporate culture for your health.

Waking up at 5 am and heading home post-work at 10 pm is a routine that needs to be broken. 

Many researchers have conducted various studies that have explained that stressful work life has a bad impact on the physical and mental health of a person.

Mental illness

Corporate culture affects a person’s mental health in various ways. When you work for long hours without a break that disconnects you from work, it makes you feel lonely, increases stress, and makes you restless.

This happens mostly with the people who have isolated themselves for work and who are exposed to screens for a long period of time.

Prone to heart diseases

High blood pressure, cholesterol, and increased blood sugar levels are some of the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

A person who is constantly following the rigid corporate rules of working for long hours, focusing on beating the deadlines, and not having a balanced lifestyle is more likely to have heart disease.


Work from home has become the biggest reason for obesity during and post-pandemic.

We all have made our couches our workspaces and have become lazybones. Sitting for long hours in one place is a primary reason for obesity.

Obesity is directly related to various health issues like heart disease, sleep apnea, joint pain, risk of stroke, hypertension and more.

Simple health tips to make the work-life better

Adopting good routine habits of taking a properly balanced diet, regularly exercising, and not exhausting yourself by working more than your mental and physical capacity can help you maintain an equilibrium in work life and health. Here are some easy-to-do tips to maintain your mental health in today’s corporate world. 

Exercise and meditate

Exercising regularly and practising meditation helps in releasing stress.

Exercise helps in transmitting endorphins through your body which makes you feel better.

Many researchers say that any kind of physical activity helps bump up the production of your brain’s good neurotransmitters, known as endorphins.

Keeping the screen time in check

The modern-day work culture demands excessive screen time which impacts our health severely.

On the other hand, what we do is after taking a break from work we check our phones and then it’s all about scrolling through.

Try to keep a check on your screen time habits so that it doesn’t become a habit that is difficult to quit.

Take a nutritious diet

Take timely nutritious meals while working. Eating a good nutritious diet helps in keeping the body and mind active.

We all have heard the phrase “You are what you eat” which is true, Eating a good meal improves our mood and reduces our stress levels.

Staying empty stomach for too long because of an abnormal work cycle needs to be checked immediately as this routine will ruin your health.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is important for good health is not an unknown fact. So keeping yourself hydrated is a must.

Also, people working in corporate culture should try and switch from coffee and tea breaks to green tea breaks which will enhance their health.

Final thoughts

Though there is no sure-shot way to maintain a good work-life balance, however, these easy steps will help you manage the stressful corporate culture, more effectively.

Work stress is normal but not doing anything about it is an abnormal act. So, manage your work hours in such a way that you can get some ‘me time’ and spend time with your loved ones. or just hang out with friends.

If you are facing any mental or physical issues because of your work life, then you need to take a step back and come out of this trap.

Here we have suggested some tips to make your work life better. 

Also, our work directly impacts our health so you should take a routine health checkup to keep an eye on your overall health and take preventive measures for a healthy you. 

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