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The 8 Best Foods & Drinks That Are Your Kidneys’ Best Friends

Contributed by: Anjali Sharma


Did you know that the kidneys filter about 7.5 litres of blood in an hour?

To perform such an immense task, proper kidney functioning is imperative. Functions like removing toxins and excess fluids from the body are some of the basic tasks performed by the kidneys. Therefore, good kidney health has to be maintained, especially with a proper and healthy diet.

There are many kidney diseases that a person can be afflicted with because of a host of poor lifestyle choices, including food habits and a lack of physical activity.

Kidney failure is the most common complication faced by people who are diabetic.

Similarly, hypertension is also big a reason for kidney failure. As per many kinds of research, approximately 66% of kidney failures are because of diabetes and hypertension.

In India, around 7.85 million people are affected by kidney disease.

Here we have suggested some healthy foods and drinks that you can add to your diet for healthy and happy kidneys.


We all love blueberries because of their juicy sweet taste. But, very fewer people know the magical health benefits of blueberries.

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants called anthocyanins which help in fighting heart disease, specific cancers, mental deterioration, and even diabetes.

Blueberries are truly a kidney-friendly fruit that has lower amounts of sodium, potassium and phosphorus.

Egg whites

We know that egg yolk is full of different nutrients, but for people who tend to follow a renal-specific diet, for them, egg whites are the better option.

Egg whites are rich in protein, which is beneficial for kidney health.

Also, for people who are undergoing dialysis treatment and require high amounts of protein, egg whites are the ideal pick. 


Garlic is one of the best food choices to avoid chronic kidney diseases. Other than the health benefits, garlic works magically in making the food more flavorful and tasty.

Garlic is packed with manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 and includes sulfur compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects.


Cabbage belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family. It consists of a load of vitamins, minerals, and powerful plant compounds.

It is also rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, and many B vitamins. Cabbage also contains insoluble fibre, that keeps your digestive system healthy by stimulating regular bowel movements.

Olive oil

Earlier, olive was not that popular among people, but now, olive oil has become an essential part of every fancy and healthy meal.

Olive oil is the most effective and best cooking oil as it has good fat which is a friend to our health.

Olive oil has an adequate amount of oleic acid, which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that supports reducing inflammation in the body.

Adequate water intake

Water is the most incredible drink of all! We all know that our body needs an adequate amount of water to function properly.

If you are diagnosed with kidney disease at an early stage, then water is going to help you with the treatment.

Water keeps you hydrated and helps in releasing some dangerous toxins from the kidney.

Black coffee

Black coffee when consumed in moderation acts as a friend to the kidneys. Coffee helps in keeping the kidneys filtered for a long time.

Make sure you check the proportions of coffee you have in a day.

Green tea

Having a cup of green tea every day keeps you full of compounds called “polyphenols,” which act as antioxidants.

Green tea is a zero-calorie drink that is perfect for people with kidney issues, and it also reduces the risk of kidney diseases.

Final thoughts

There are endless kidney-friendly foods that will help you in making your kidneys happier and healthier.

People nowadays are becoming conscious about making food choices that help them to have a good, healthy life.

However, people who have kidney diseases should follow different diet rules that are prescribed or suggested by the doctors.

Our kidney performs important functions like filtering the blood and eliminating waste products in the urine, so it has to remain healthy.

Here we have suggested the best foods and drinks that are going to make your kidney happy and healthy.

Also, it is a good idea to keep your kidneys’ health in check with regular kidney-specific tests to get a complete insight into their health.

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