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Weekly Health Quiz: Abortion, Cigarette Bans and Weight Loss Drugs

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If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, pregnant individuals would still be able to access abortion medication in states that don’t restrict it. People could get the two-drug combination by:

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If the experience of the United States mirrors that of Canada, how many smokers are projected to quit smoking after a ban on menthol cigarettes?

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A new class of drugs that mimic naturally occurring hormones called incretins may give people with obesity an alternative to bariatric surgery. Which pathways do incretins impact in the body?

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In laboratory experiments, a drug derived from showed promise in preventing cell death after a heart attack. Fill in the blank.

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A study of more than 300 transgender children found that how many still identified as transgender five years later?

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Which of the following aches and pains have been linked to mobile phone use?

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A recent meta-analysis found which treatment method to be the most effective at reducing the risk of repeated ankle sprains?

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