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Weekly Health Quiz: Exercise, Addictions and Animals With Coronavirus

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People who exercised for this many minutes after getting a Covid shot showed signs of enhanced immunity:

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The Omicron variant of coronavirus has been isolated in these animals on Staten Island:

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This deadly cancer, which affects a carrot-shaped organ in the upper abdomen, is on track to become the country’s second leading cause of cancer-related deaths by 2040:

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Takotsubo syndrome, also known as broken heart syndrome, arises as a result of:

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A study in Canada found that women undergoing surgery tended to fare better when their surgeon was:

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This illegal club drug, popularly known as Ecstasy or Molly, may have benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder, and some couples are using it to improve their relationship:

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True or false? The American Psychiatric Association includes smartphone addiction in its official manual of mental disorders:

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