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Weekly Health Quiz: Love, Sharks and a Viral Cure

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About what percentage of couples said their relationships improved during the pandemic?

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A shark killed a swimmer at a beach off the coast of Sydney, Australia, this week. In 2021, this country had the highest number of unprovoked shark attacks:

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The first woman, and the third person ever, appears to have been cured of this viral infection, using a novel treatment involving umbilical cord blood:

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True or false? Children age 5 and younger are now eligible to get vaccinated against Covid-19 in the United States.

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This rare form of skin cancer, often appearing as a blue-red nodule on the face or neck, can be especially aggressive:

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Deficiencies of this B vitamin occur in up to 15 percent of people over 60 and can cause loss of feeling in the hands or feet:

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The Senate narrowly confirmed Dr. Robert Califf as commissioner of this federal health agency, which, among other tasks, helps to ensure the safety of medications:

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